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You deserve a little pampering! A massage can increase the quality of your life by getting rid of common pains. Keep reading for information that you need to know about getting and giving massages.

When you head out to get a massage, be open-minded about all there is to offer. It is a good idea to research massage techniques before going in for your initial treatment. Do not let this dissuade you from enjoying yourself. Relax and let your massage professional handle the job in order to best serve your needs.

Try using scented candles when giving massages. That can help set a mood, providing both light and a soft fragrance. These influences can help make a wonderful experience.

Olive oil is exceptional for massage. The benefits of using a massage oil instead of lotion or gel is its ability to absorb into the skin. A massage oil also helps your hands glide gently over the body of the person receiving the massage.

Do not eat too heavy of a meal if you are going to a massage within the hour. Eating too much can put you in a position where you are uncomfortable, which could ruin your overall experience. Eat a light, healthy snack before your massage for best results.

When you get a massage, don’t be shy. Really, no question is silly, and your therapist will certainly be happy to give answers. Your relaxation is the end goal, so ask away.

Trigger-point therapy is when pressure is placed in certain areas of the body. Trigger points feel like lumps or knots within your muscles. Left untreated, these knots can lead to pain in around the area. When pressure is concentrated in these places, the muscles are able to release their tension.

When your massage is complete, rest for a few minutes. Understand that you have been lying face down for thirty minutes to an hour. If you rise too quickly, you might become light-headed, so proceed with caution following a massage.

It’s possible to give yourself a great foot massage using an easy strategy that athletes use. Get a golf or tennis ball and roll your foot over it. Move you feet on top of the ball from your heel to your toe. Give extra attention of the arch of your foot.

As an introduction to the world of massage, you can’t go wrong if you request a Swedish or deep tissue massage. You can choose from all kinds of massages; therefore, it’s important that you choose the right one so that you are not disappointed. These two options provided cover your needs until you find out more about other kinds.

It is important to feel free to ask for any specific requests you have for your masseuse., If you are concerned about a particular area of your body, mention it. If she does not rub hard enough to break up your deep knots, it is important that you speak up.

Tell your massage therapist about any kind of medical problems that you may be having, before a massage. This is especially true if you could be pregnant! This information will help your massage therapist choose the best techniques adapted to your situation. If your massage therapist doesn’t know all there is to know about your current condition, you could cause yourself harm.

Give your therapist a tip after your massage. Tips are strongly advised in this business. A good starting point is 15% at least, similar to tipping in a restaurant. You can even give a larger tip if you are happy with the massage. You’ll be thankful you did when you return to this therapist. You will be sure that you will get the best massage from him.

It can be really helpful to give yourself a massage both before and after a hard workout. Before you exercise, pump with your fists to get the circulation moving along your arms and legs. When you are done working out, use your hands to rub down your muscles towards your heart.

Prenatal massages are very beneficial for you and your baby. Massaging increases the flow of blood to the unborn baby and provides relaxation. In addition, statistics show that women who receive prenatal massages during their pregnancy have healthier babies than women who do not receive them.

Sports injuries should be treated with deep massages as well as additional therapy methods. Chiropractic and acupuncture methods should be considered. These activities will work well in conjunction with one another as they help address muscle, bone and nerve issues. You will heal faster and be ready to do the sports you love.

Stretch before and after your massage to stimulate blood flow. Yoga is a great option. Stretching can help your muscles to stay longer, stronger and looser, making them more comfortable in between your visits to the massage therapist. 30 minute sessions, thrice-weekly should do the trick.

Avoid harsh pulling or pushing when you give your dog a massage. This can be uncomfortable to your dog and can even cause damage to his body. Pay attention to the body language of your pet. If they resist the massage, don’t force it on them.

Massages are a great way to heal your body. Sometimes massages can replace medications or work with them, depending on the severity of the injury. Massage is a much better and healthier option than pain medication.

Breathing techniques are very important when getting a massage. Use your diaphragm and breathe in through your nose. Count how many seconds it take to inhale and exhale. Doing this can help to put you into a zone, making your massage a more relaxing experience.

Always experiment with new ideas when it comes to massage. Seek out other massage clinics in your town that offer other types of massage therapy.

If you were able to, you could give yourself a massage. Tell your masseuse about what you have read and you may just see great results. If you want to feel strong and comfortable throughout your life, you must take good care of your back.

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